Grand Challenges Events

Putting Springer Nature's expertise to work to foster evidence-based solutions to grand challenges.

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The Springer Nature Grand Challenges program works with partners inside and outside Springer Nature to co-organize events, Our central goal is to connect academic experts with practitioners to discuss, develop and advance evidence-based solutions to pressing societal problems.

These events can be small or large, from a public panel discussion to a high-level salon or workshop, up to a multi-day conference. In all of these events, we aim to bridge the gap between researchers and real-world problems—to help researchers learn where to focus their work to advance solutions that solve societal problems, and to help decision makers tap the best academic expertise possible.

We're open to ideas for new events from individuals and organizations. To suggest one, contact either of us:

 Dan Ferber, Executive Editor, Grand Challenges:

Nicola Jones, Head of Publishing, Grand Challenges:

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