Bioinspired ecocities

China has embarked on a major program to build green, low-carbon and livable cities whose design is modeled on the function of the human body.

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In recent decades China has been transformed from a largely agricultural society to a country where more than 750 million people live in urban areas and 12 million people—about the population of Belgium—move to Chinese cities each year. As the country rapidly urbanized, new problems emerged, including a population explosion, a housing shortage, unemployment, traffic congestion, environmental degradation and frequent public safety incidents. To solve these problems, in December 2015 China set out to build what they call ecocities, in which cities are envisioned as a kind of organism, akin to the human body. The Development of Eco Cities in China, which was edited by Juke Liu, Weiping Sun, and Wenzhen Hu, describes China's effort to build ecocities, which the authors argue are green, intelligent, low-carbon, livable — and more advanced than 20th-century industrial cities.

Source: Liu, Juke, Weiping Sun, Wenzhen Hu. The Development of Eco Cities in China. New York: Springer, 2017.

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