Internet of Things: From hype to reality

A new Springer textbook lays the technical foundations for the Internet of Things.

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The Internet of Things refers to the ever-growing networks of interconnected machines and things, and it underlies the fundamental transformation of business and society now called fourth . Using ubiquitous sensing and high-powered computing, operators can now gauge the materials and energy usage flowing into and out of a globally interconnected system of systems. This Springer textbook by Ammar Rayes and Samer Salam, two engineers at Cisco Systems, a leading Internet of Things company, comprehensively describes an end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) architecture that is comprised of devices, network, compute, storage, platform, applications along with management and security components.

Source: Rayes, Ammar, Samer Salam. Internet of Things: From Hype to Reality. New York: Springer, 2017

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