Building Sustainable Cities of the Future

If designed using systems thinking, a sustainable city can be more than the sum of its parts.

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What does it take to make a city sustainable? Build it from the bottom up, according the authors of Building Sustainable Cities of the Future, a new collection of essays by leading sustainable cities experts. For example, to meet energy needs of housing developments for years to come, "future-proof" them by  designing in low- or zero-carbon technologies to minimize their energy consumption and carbon emissions for their entire lifetime. To meet water needs sustainably, build in "green" infrastructure that mimics the natural water cycle, or multifunctional infrastructure such as parks that also recharge groundwater, or dikes that could be used for transport. Ultimately, it takes systems thinking that integrates these and other components of a city into a single sustainable whole.

Source: Bishop, Justin (Ed.). Building Sustainable Cities of the Future. New York: Springer, 2017

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