Manifesto for global women's health

Ophira Ginsburg, a leading medical oncologist interested in global cancer control, reflects on the need to encourage women to lead change as global-health professionals.

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I remember very well the first time that Lisa Hutchinson, former Chief Editor of Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology, and I first spoke to Ophira Ginsburg on the phone. We had been very impressed by the latest work she had published in 2017. In this series of studies, Ginsburg led a group of experts that analysed the worldwide burden of women's cancers and proposed practical recommendations to improve the outcomes for women affected by these cancers — most of them preventable. What started as a conversation on global health ended up with Lisa and me asking the inevitable question: “Ophira, do you think that these tasks would have been any easier to carry out if you were a man?” The result of that question is the article she wrote for our journal. We believe that this Comment can be read by both male and female professionals in many disciplines, who will empathise with Ginsburg’s views.

By Diana Romero, Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology


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