Harvesting the Sun’s Energy with Thermoelectrics

A new book provides the full-thermal approach to solar-to-electricity conversion.

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Per capita power consumption in developed nations today is about 10 times what it was in the Middle Ages. Until recently, fossil fuels dominated but renewable options are growing. This book Hybrid and Fully Thermoelectric Solar Harvesting provides a comprehensive overview on fully thermal and hybrid solar generators based on thermoelectric devices; these devices rely on different temperatures to produce electricity. The book fills a gap in the academic literature on solar conversion and thermoelectrics. Despite the growing number of research papers dealing with the use of thermoelectrics in solar power conversion, no book exists for PV specialists or thermoelectricity experts to enter this field. The book is intended as a primer for scientists or engineers who want to complement their expertise in one of the two fields, and to get an updated, critical review of the state of the art in thermoelectric solar harvesting. (Read the first chapter using SharedIt.)

By Maria Bellantone

Source: https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-3-319-76427-6 (Read the first chapter using SharedIt here: https://rdcu.be/K13V)

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