Delhi funds projects to cleanse its toxic air

But more policies are needed to transition the city to renewable energy, say researchers.

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The government of Delhi — the world’s most polluted megacity — has proposed 26 new programmes to clean up its notoriously smoggy air, but several researchers and policy experts say that the actions don’t go far enough. The city included the anti-pollution initiatives as part of the Delhi government’s 530 billion Indian rupees (US$8.2 billion) budget for 2018-2019, released on 22 March. The anti-pollution initiatives include 1,000 fully electric buses; further subsidies on electric vehicles; tree planting; and programmes to replace diesel generators with cleaner-fuel equivalents. The government is promoting part of the funds as “a green budget” - but it’s unclear how much will go to specific initiatives, say policy experts. 

By Shekhar Chandra, Nature News


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