A Future Mobility System for Well-Being in Europe

An innovative mobility concept tries to bridge the gap between eco-innovation and shared sustainable mobility.

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A transformation of our current transport system and individual mobility behaviour is an essential prerequisite for attaining a desirable future that enables a life within environmental boundaries (“safe operating space”) and higher well-being at the same time. Whereas the development of low emissions vehicles requires investment in R&D and infrastructure deployment (for example, charging stations), the establishment of sharing and pooling schemes available across Europe is dependent on changes of behaviour. To achieve the vision in Europe, a new understanding of mobility is needed: “the mode of travel is the reward of the journey,” meaning that it is not about travelling fastest and frequently, but unhurried (easy-going), infrequently and sustainably. Changes are required in many areas including values, preferences, infrastructure, technology, governance and the economy. The vision provided in the article “A Resource-Efficient and Sufficient Future Mobility System for Improved Well-Being in Europe,” from the European Journal of Futures Research, is a starting point to highlight the changes and developments, but also the benefits and windows of opportunities that might occur by enabling future mobility for Europe within the safe operating space.

Source: https://eujournalfuturesresearch.springeropen.com/articles/10.1007/s40309-015-0065-x  

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