Open AI platform for brain tumor classification

Brain tumors are very diverse entities, and more accurate classification is challenging, but important for appropriate treatment. Using unique tumor features captured in DNA methylation profiles, a new open AI platform provides a tool for brain tumor classification.

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Precise cancer diagnoses are essential to ensure the best treatment plans for cancer patients, but standardization of the diagnostic process has been challenging. Brain tumors are clinically and biologically diverse across a broad spectrum of malignancy, and incorporating molecular markers can result in diagnostic discordance. While many cancer classifiers use genetic alterations or changes in gene expression to define tumor subtypes, the authors of this report explore the tumor cell methylome, which reflects both oncogenic alterations as well as cell-of-origin traits. This comprehensive approach for DNA-methylation-based classification of brain tumours is developed into a clinically-applicable tool. The tool improves diagnostic precision of standard methods, and is made available online for broad accessibility. The results illustrate the potential applications of molecular diagnosis tools, and highlight the potential of methylation changes as robust indicators of brain tumor subtypes.

By: Victoria Aranda, Nature


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