The Challenge of Treating Adolescent Obesity

Obesity is increasing in prevalence in the adolescent population, presenting unique challenges for health-care providers. What are the current treatment options?

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The global incidence of obesity has been increasing for the past few decades, including in the adolescent population. Spontaneous remission of obesity as adolescents age is unlikely to occur; about 90 percent of adolescents with obesity will be overweight or obese in young adulthood. Given this prevalence, interventions to address obesity during adolescence are crucial to prevent the adverse health impacts associated with long-term obesity. The review article “Treatment of Adolescent Obesity,” by Louise Baur and colleagues and published in Nature Reviews Endocrinology, outlines the unique psychosocial challenges of treating adolescents with obesity and discusses the different treatment options that are currently available.

By: Claire Greenhill, Nature Reviews Endocrinology


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