Change the World Initiative: Interviews with Chief Editors

With Springer Nature’s vast library of research, we recognize that world-changing articles may be out there, just waiting for the right combination of minds to make a critical connection. That’s why we’ve created the Change the World, One Article at a Time initiative.

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Our chief editors from the journals with the most clicked articles from last year’s Change the World collection describe what developments have resulted from the findings published in the articles since their publication. 

Sustainable Biofuels: An interview with Ursula Hofer, the Chief Editor of Nature Reviews Microbiology

Water Consumption: An interview with Michael Rycroft, the Editor-in-Chief of Surveys in Geophysics

Learning Outcomes: An interview with Guri Skedsmo, one of the Editors-in- Chief of Educational Assessment, Evaluation and Accountability

Degrowth: An interview with Prof. Kazuhiko Takeuchi, the Editor-in-Chief of Sustainability Science

Global Environmental Governance: An interview with György Széll, the Editor-in-Chief of Asian Journal of German and European Studies

By Liesbet Lieben


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