Robotics, technology & humanity

The growing field of robotics is constantly and critically changing the way that technology and humanity interact with each other.

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The rapidly changing digital landscape constantly skirts the line between technology and humanity. At the crossroads, there is robotics. A field of research that carefully walks this line, delving into areas where humans assist robots, robots assist humans, humans become robotic and robots become human(oid). To get a better idea of how and where this is happening, Springer spoke with 2 experts in the field: co-editor of the award winning Springer Handbook of Robotics, Prof. Bruno Siciliano, who in his podcast, takes us along his journey to the peak of robotics research, particularly how something as “human” as home & pizza influenced the direction of his research. Prof. Kimon Valavanis, Editor-in-Chief of Springer’s Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems & Editor of the Handbook on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles also shares his opinion on the future of robotics, addressing the question of whether or not (flying or other) robots will take over the world, as often portrayed by the pop media. We have supplemented their opinions and insights with research from selected books, reference works, and journal special issues to round it off. Visit our page and explore the research through August 3rd.    

By Helen Burbank, Springer Nature


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