Sex differences in Alzheimer disease

Alzheimer disease is different in men and women, but we don’t know why. A better understanding of these disparities could aid the development of personalized treatments.

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The characteristics of Alzheimer disease (AD) differ between men and women. An emerging body of evidence shows that AD-associated cognitive decline and brain degeneration are faster in women than in men, and the effects of risk factors for AD differ between the sexes. However, these differences are seldom acknowledged or taken into account in AD research, which could be holding back the search for effective therapeutics. The Review article “Sex differences in Alzheimer disease — the gateway to precision medicine” in Nature Reviews Neurology, written by Maria Teresa Ferretti and colleagues on behalf of the Women’s Brain Project and the Alzheimer Precision Medicine Initiative, looks at how a greater understanding of the sex differences in AD could aid the development of personalized approaches to prevention and management of the disease.

By Ian Fyfe, Nature Reviews Neurology


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