EJCN Diabetes Day 2018 Web Collection

As the escalation of diabetes continues globally it is more and more critical that we work together to combat its impact on the world

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The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition is delighted to bring you a web collection to mark World Diabetes Day 2019. November is Diabetes awareness month and the 14th is always marked as World Diabetes Day. While there are other forms of diabetes, this web collection focuses on type 2 diabetes. In the summer of last year we pioneered a special issue on T2DM in India and China; two nations that will feel the brunt of this escalating disease. Eighty percent of cases of T2DM are preventable through the adoption of a healthy lifestyle. 

In this EJCN web focus we offer the reader a range of interesting research covering newer perspectives, clinical nutrition and genetic/molecular insights into the problem. We hope this will enable a better understanding of mechanisms and thereby stimulate pragmatic lifestyle approaches in combating the escalation of this disease worldwide.

By: Virginia Mercer/European Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Source: https://www.nature.com/collections/rtkflgrpfw

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