Brexit and health security

In light of Brexit, the authors of this commentary consider the public health mechanisms that are directly facilitated via the UK relationship with the EU, and call for action to protect our global health networks following Brexit.

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As the United Kingdom negotiates its separation from the European Union, it is important to remember the public health mechanisms and resources that are directly facilitated via our relationship with the EU. One such mechanism is the UK’s role within the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). Global health protection is an area that is currently experiencing an unprecedented wave of innovation, both technologically and ideologically, and we must therefore ensure that our future relationship with ECDC is one that facilitates full involvement with the global health security systems of the future.The article discusses the challenges that the UK will face post-Brexit in ensuring it remains in a position to integrate global public health networks, especially regarding advances in global health security and innovation in health surveillance technology.

By: Danielle Solomon/Institute for Global Health, University College London, UK

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