BMC Cancer Awareness Poetry Competition

We believe that the conversation about cancer involves everyone—from researchers, patients, families of patients, survivors, advocates—to achieve progress in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. At BMC, we are inviting everyone to submit a poem about how cancer has affected them. We believe that raising literacy and awareness about cancer can lead to change, impact, and save lives.

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Cancer awareness campaigns throughout the year inspire people all over the world to increase the discussions about how cancer affects our communities. 

At BMC, we are taking action by diversifying the conversation about cancer. While scientific research does change cancer outcomes and treatment, we are interested in amplifying the different voices involved with cancer. Cancer poetry reflects a personal commitment to increase a public understanding and engagement of the cancer experience. 

How has cancer affected you? Has your experience led you to find a creative outlet as a method of support and strength? We are looking for poets, whether first-time or experienced, to submit their work using this form. Inspired by the themes of taking action and uniting communities, we invite everyone, irrespective of their occupation, to submit.

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