Kidney Cancer Awareness Month

In recognition of Kidney Cancer Awareness Month, BMC Editors across a number of open access oncology journals have developed a collection of articles to highlight the research in this field. To raise further awareness they have also created a quiz so that you can test how much you know about kidney cancer.

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Kidney cancer is a global problem and is currently ranked the 14th most common cancer worldwide. The prevalence of kidney cancer does vary according to geographic location, with the US and the UK both falling in the Top 20 countries that had the highest incidence of kidney cancer in 2018. The incidence also differs according to sex, with kidney cancer being more common in men than women. 

As a global health issue, continued research on kidney cancer is of paramount significance with particular reference to risk assessment and diagnostics, precision medicine, therapeutics and epigenetics. The articles in this collection have been proudly curated by our oncology journal Editors and include some of the latest research in the field in each of these categories.

Once you have read the research, why not test your knowledge on kidney cancer and advances in the field by taking our Kidney Cancer Awareness Quiz 2019.

Kerri Brown

Journal Development Editor, BMC

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