Real-time data for urban air quality

The quality of the urban environment directly affects people’s health and it is important to understand the real-time status of urban air quality.

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The quality of the urban environment is related to the health of its residents. Under global warming and urbanization, population concentration is getting higher, with urban environmental quality becoming prominent. 

Currently, most cities have established complete monitoring systems for environmental qualities. This real-time monitoring of air quality has the advantages of regulating urban infrastructure traffic or strengthening medical care for respiratory diseases.

Advances in current sensor technology and the Internet of Things have made it possible to monitor air quality in various areas of Beijing in real-time. However, the large amount of data collected in real-time brings challenges to analysis and processing. An article published in EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing, shows how data visualization can transform data into intuitive graphical images and provide real-time data of urban air quality, enabling users to efficiently capture patterns in big data.

Angelina Wagner

Journal Development Manager, Springer Nature

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