Crops for Biofuels or Food: The Choice

How energy crops may help solve humankind’s environmental changes

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The historic food crisis and its necessity for future food production, along with growing energy demands are among the most important challenges for our species. There can be a conflict over whether energy crops should be used for energy or food production. Springer's book titled "Using Energy Crops for Biofuels or Food: The Choice" uses SWOT analysis to organize and weigh different pros and cons in terms of economics, job creation, environmental impacts, the climate change agenda and European Union (EU) directives that promote biofuels over fossil fuels. With this approach, the book helps researchers and decision-makers cut through the many competing arguments associated with this complex subject. In this chapter, the book's authors, Annoula Paschalidou, Michael Tsatiris,  Kyriaki Kitikidou and Christina Papadopoulou set the scene and introduce the issues involved.

This chapter is available for free until the 15th of May 2019. Just follow this link: Chapter Link

Anthony Doyle

Executive Editor, Springer

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