Climate panel axed by Trump releases plan to help US deal with warming

Reconstituted group proposes effort to translate climate science into practical advice for businesses and communities.

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A group of climate scientists disbanded by US President Donald Trump two years ago has released a report calling for better resources to help the United States cope with climate change.

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration created the panel in 2015 to help US businesses and communities to adapt to climate warming. After the Trump administration dissolved the group in 2017, its members restarted their work with funding from the state of New York, Columbia University, the American Meteorological Society and others.

The latest report by the panel — now called the Independent Advisory Committee for Applied Climate Assessment — outlines a plan to translate cutting-edge climate science into practical information to help communities and businesses plan for rising seas, more frequent wildfires and other impacts of climate change.

By: Jeff Tollefson/Nature News

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