Oral, head and neck cancer awareness month

Head and neck cancer accounts for 5–10% of all cancers in the United States and Europe. This field of research is moving rapidly with new discoveries and challenges. At BMC, we intend to impact the direction of research and clinical care in oral, head and neck cancer.

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BMC supports Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness month in April with a focused campaign week starting April 7th, led by the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance. In a recent blog, our Editors highlight some of the recent developments and emerging research areas on oral, head and neck cancers. Some of the topics we've addressed that are of particular interest are: HPV infections and cancers; patient care and quality of life; as well as epigenetics, genomics, and high throughput technologies.

This year, we’ve also created a quiz to complement these highlights and our author blog addressing Commonly Held Myths of Head and Neck Cancers.

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