Public Health Weeks 2019

In recognition of the 2019 Public Health Weeks, BMC Editors have curated a collection of articles highlighting our recent public health research and have created a quiz around the most interesting topics and themes to test your knowledge.

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Public health is defined by the WHO as the art and science of preventing disease, prolonging life, and promoting health through the organized efforts of society. Research in this field addresses the causes of poor health and helps to build healthier communities, allowing everyone to live a long and healthy life in a safe environment.
In recognition of the 2019 Public Health Weeks – National Public Health Week in America (April 1-7) and European Public Health Week (May 13-17) – BMC Editors working across our open access public health journals have curated a compilation of articles covering public health issues such as sustainable healthy diets, violence prevention, climate change, and youth mental health – to name a few. To raise further awareness we have also created an educational quiz for readers to test how much they know about key topics in public health research.

Once you have read the research, test your knowledge on key public health issues by taking our 2019 Public Health Weeks quiz.

By: Francesca Dickens and Krista Jarrell

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